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You can explore the key elements to our Approach and Step-By-Step Guide below.


  • A detailed knowledge and understanding of the factors influencing development proposals informs our development brief, which is undertaken for every site regardless of size, before involving an architect / designer.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • This is our step-by-step guide to giving you the very best advice.  However, every site / project is different and you should therefore Contact Us directly for specific advice.

Step 1 - Consultation:

  • It is advisable to consult any neighbours who might be affected by your proposal, and the Local, Parish, Town or Community Council. In more complicated cases, you should consider consulting other bodies (e.g. Highway Authority etc.) that might have an interest.

Step 2 - Submission:

  • Planning applications are decided in line with the Development Plan unless there are very good reasons against this.

Step 3 - Negotiation:

  • A number of administration levels from the individual citizen to Central Government and the Courts can become involved in deciding planning applications. However, the Local Planning Authority alone deals with most of them.

Step 4 - Permission:

  • The Council grants/refuses planning permission by sending you a letter notifying you of its decision. If the Council refuses permission or imposes conditions, it must give written reasons.
  • If you think the Council's decision is unreasonable, you can appeal to the First Secretary of State. You can also appeal if the Council does not issue a decision within eight weeks, unless you have agreed in writing to an extension of that period.
  • Appeals are intended as a last resort and they take several months to decide. It may be quicker to discuss with the Council whether changes to your proposal would make it more acceptable.
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Step 1 - Consultation

Step 2 - Submission

Step 3 - Negotiation

Step 4 - Permission