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We have an excellent understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing rural areas, which range from rural business support and affordable housing, to tourism and forestry.

Rural Sector:

  • We provide specialist planning advice to:
    • Landowners of major rural estates.
    • Farmers seeking alternative uses for their landholdings and buildings.
    • House builders and other developers considering development of land at the urban fringe.
    • Other development in the open countryside.


  • We undertake all applications that add value to clients – ranging from varying agricultural occupancy conditions enabling occupation of farm buildings for non agricultural uses, to large scale estate development strategies.
  • The planning services we provide include:
    • A planning assessment of the prospects of obtaining planning permission for the sought land uses as prescribed in an option on the land.
    • The planning strategy to maximise the prospects of obtaining the sought land use allocations, changes of use, or other development.
    • Acting as the planning manager so as to lead the negotiations and to co-ordinate other specialist consultants.
    • Project management of the Environmental Impact Assessment, working with other specialist consultants.
    • If necessary, acting as the expert planning witness at planning appeal as well as directly instructing Counsel.
    • Working with historic buildings and archaeology consultants in assessing the impact of the development on the site’s heritage assets.
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