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We provide tailored and specialist advice on issues relating to sport, leisure, recreation and open space and have built a reputation for understanding the complexities of national, regional, and local demands.

Sports & Leisure Sector:

  • We provide specialist planning advice to clients who specifically seek to develop or use land and buildings for:
    • Indoor leisure uses.
    • Restaurant uses.
    • Indoor leisure operators.
    • Hotels and or conference centres.


  • The planning services we provide include:
    • Undertaking a planning assessment of the prospects of obtaining planning permission for the sought leisure use(s).
    • Advising on the planning strategy to maximise the prospects of obtaining the sought planning permission.
    • Undertaking a quantitative and qualitative “need”, “impact” and “sequential test assessment” for leisure uses.
    • Negotiating all planning applications for new development, including the associated planning agreements.
    • Acting as the expert witness at planning appeal.
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